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Just got my order from Hematees!!! These are awesome shirts and designs! I got 2 Fiore shirts, they are high quality tees that are so well done and the patches a really cool touch! Highly recommended!! =) Does take a bit to come into the US but well worth it, thank you Hematees!  James Kalaitzidis-Arizona

Who? What? Where?

Hi I'm Martin. I’m a freelance commercial artist in the UK. My artwork appears worldwide in books and magazines on products and adverts. I am also an instructor with Taunton Longswords HEMA, and part of a medieval weapons demonstration group spending summer weekends swinging swords, and flinging rocks from siege engines whilst living in some of the UK's biggest castles. With Hematees I've combined my love of swords and design to bring you an ever growing range of designs.